Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Discoveries

Today I spent some time par-oozing the DOSSIER website. This website (along with the related journal) is a manifestation of two friends that decided to tangibly express the creativity they constantly came in contact with in the world around them.

One of the reasons I love the site would be because as the world of high fashion is obviously a huge topic of discussion, the photos used in each article for their "Chronicles of London Fashion Week" are fine art in themselves. Although the focus is on fashion, the photos of the week spark imagination all on their own. It is a double whammy, really. Great photos paired with beautiful looks.

Here are some easy words to remember when considering what is up and coming (and also, what is already here):

sheer shirts
platform shoes

Enjoy your week, reader :)


  1. Where is the art? I want to see art! darnit!
    Hi Corrie, glad to see you entered the blogsphere!